5 Beauty secrets of Ancient Indian queens

5 Beauty secrets of Ancient Indian queens

Today I will be talking about some beauty secrets that were used by our Ancient Beauty Queens, for example, Rani Padmini of Chittor, Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi Rani Rudrama Devi of Warangal to name a few. Now I am talking about the ancient times and it is quite obvious that during that time they did not have parabens, Fragrance, Phthalates, triclosanSodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Propylene Glycol, Petroleum & Mineral Oils (Petrochemicals) and many such harmful chemicals. So they used to incorporate natural ingredients in their beauty regimen which we shall discuss in this article.

These are some of the secrets:

Neem for healthy skin

This is probably the king of all the other beauty ingredients we have today. A sacred plant, each and every part of the neem tree is beneficial in some or the other way. Neem Beauty Benefits include it treats acne, you can just boil a few leaves of neem in water and then use a cotton ball or soak a cotton cloth in this water and use on the face as a toner. You can also make a pack by mixing neem & yogurt. Wash it off with cold water.

Our ancient queens had lustrous hair and massaging neem oil on the scalp can not only reduce dandruff but also gives way to healthy scalp and hair.

Honey for burns

Honey has been known to people since the 17th century. So our Indian queens used this golden syrup to deal with minor issues which include burns or scars. You can apply raw honey to a burn scar, as honey has antiseptic and healing properties. And applying honey on a burn regularly can produce less scarring than usual. You can also use honey as a face pack by mixing it with malai, Chandan, besan. Apply the mask on your face and neck. Leave this mask to dry and wash it off after some time. This removes any impurities on the face and also makes skin soft and smooth.

Saffron for glow

This might be one of the most expensive spices but it is totally worth it. People made Saffron very popular to improve complexion since ancient time. In France, saffron cultivation probably started during the 13th century also it is said that Saffron is as old as time. Cleopatra was said to bathe in saffron-infused mare’s milk before seeing a suitor. Some benefits of saffron include that it can remove tan like, take some saffron and soak it in malai or milk cream overnight then blend the contents in the morning and apply on the tanned area. It will visibly reduce tan or you can use it as a  toner by taking the required amount of rose water and mixing saffron strands in it till the rose water gets the color of saffron. Now use a cotton ball to dip in the solution and dab on your face and not to forget it can also brighten up your skin and you can do this by soaking a few strands of saffron in milk or water then add sandalwood powder to form a paste.  Keep it for 10 – 15 minutes. This is one of the most popular ancient beauty secrets.

Turmeric for golden skin

This ingredient is undoubtedly the most important spice in Indian culture. Without turmeric our kitchen is incomplete. Turmeric has many beauty and healing purposes like it can reduce stretch marks if applied mixed with gram flour or yogurt and it can also visibly reduce wrinkles. Mix turmeric with rice powder, raw milk and tomato juice to form a paste. Apply this on the face and let it dry. Also, turmeric can help in healing cracked heels by just mixing this with castor oil or coconut oil, apply on cracked heels for 15 minutes before going to bath.

Tulsi for acne

Tulsi is the Sanskrit name for an herb related to common culinary herb basil. Ancient Egyptians used tulsi as a treatment for snakebites or stings from scorpions and then go to the doctors. Some beauty benefits of tulsi include that it can treat acne effectively and also nourish your skin. Take some tulsi leaves and blend them into a fine paste. Add milk to this paste and apply on skin. Also, this plant can also help in teeth whitening as during that time they did not have teeth whiteners. Just grind some tulsi leaves into a fine powder, mix it with orange peel powder.  Make a paste and apply this on teeth the way you brush. So these are some beauty secrets which were used by our ancient Indian Queens. These skin care routines are very easy. So try any one of these and glow like a goddess. You can also try our pure organic handmade Tulsi neem soap.


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