8 Benefits of peppermint essential oil for skin and hair

8 Benefits of peppermint essential oil for skin and hair

Peppermint, this name is extremely common in every household. The amazingly fresh feeling we get after popping a peppermint in our mouth is unbeatable. But today we will discuss some benefits of the essential oil derived from peppermint. Before getting into that let us know a little about peppermint.

Peppermint is a cross between water mint and spearmint. Though mainly originated from Europe and the Middle East, now this is cultivated in many parts of the world. This is mostly found in the wild with its parent plants and is used in medicine and culinary.

How is Peppermint essential oil made

The essential oil of peppermint is found in the cells of the underside of the leaves and is collected through the process of steam distillation of fresh or dried plants.

Benefits of peppermint essential oil for hair

1)Speeds up hair growth

This oil has the tendency to penetrate deeply into the scalp. This not only stimulates hair follicles but also increases blood circulation, which results in thicker hair and promotes hair growth.

2) Manages Dry Scalp

Dry and itchy scalp can be very irritating. This essential oil has moisturizing properties. Mix peppermint oil with any carrier oil like almond oil or coconut oil. Massage on the scalp and let it sits for 30 minutes. Wash it off with water and a mild shampoo.

3) Removes Lice

As peppermint oil has a refreshing and uplifting menthol fragrance, this fragrance suffocates lice and instantly kills them. Apply peppermint oil on the scalp and keep it overnight. Wash it off with a mild shampoo the next day. This remedy will eventually kill all the lice.

4) Strengthen Roots

As peppermint is rich in Pulegone and Mentone, this strengthens hair roots and helps in preventing hair loss. Mix with any carrier oil and apply directly on the scalp. Repeat this process once in two weeks.

Benefits of peppermint essential oil for skin

1)Dull skin

In today’s lifestyle and pollution, it is practically impossible to achieve bright skin, but all thanks to peppermint essential oil getting a brighter complexion is easy. Mix a few drops of this essential oil with any of your daily use cream and apply it on the face. This is the easiest way to achieve healthy skin. Menthol has cooling effects and also helps in brightening skin.

2) For Acne

The sudden arrival of a stubborn zit on the face has ruined our important functions and occasions. You can give spot treatment by applying peppermint oil directly on the pimple, though this is a slow process. Massage your face with peppermint oil mixed with any carrier oil. This will control the secretion of excess oil and prevents the clogging of pores and controls acne breakout. you can also try our cinnamon & honey soap

3)Excellent Toner

Owning to the cooling properties and not to forget the invigorating fragrance, this oil works as a perfect toner especially during summer months. Mix 40 ml of apple cider vinegar with 120 ml of water. Add 30 drops of peppermint essential oil. Use this as a facial mist anytime to feel fresh.

4)Boon for crystal clear skin

Healthy blemish-free skin can be achieved by using peppermint essential oil but you will have to gather a few ingredients to speed up the process. Mix 2 tablespoon grated cucumber with 2 tablespoon fuller’s earth. Add 5 ml of diluted peppermint oil. Apply this pack on face and let it dry. This effectively removes oil and sebum and gives spotless skin.

So these are some benefits of peppermint essential oil. Use this oil to feel and look fresh.

It is always advised to do a patch test before using anything to rule out any possibility of allergic reactions.

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