activated charcoal good or bad for skin?

activated charcoal good or bad for skin?
Charcoal for skin


Charcoal for skin: Today let us dig into some benefits of activated charcoal for the skin but before getting into that let’s know what is activated charcoal as this sounds a little uncomfortable to use charcoal on the face. So charcoal or basically activated charcoal is a fine odorless black powder that has been treated to increase its absorption properties and that works like a magnet in removing dirt and grime from face. It is also often used in emergency rooms to treat overdoses. This magical black powder has toxin absorption properties thus making it usable in cosmetics and medicines.

So how does activated charcoal work for our skin?

  1. Say Good Bye To Oily Skin

Oily skin is prone to acne but using the activated charcoal pack on face twice a week can help you balance those nasty oils off your face. It is recommended not to use the charcoal pack for more than 2 days per week as it can strip off the natural oil. Dry skin people should stay away from this.

  •  No More Open Pores

We all are born with pores on the skin but as we age these pores become more visible. The pores on face attract a lot of dust and pollution thus making skin look extremely dull and lifeless. So all you have to do is mix a teaspoon of activated charcoal powder to

You’re any peel off face mask and use that. This will not only clean pores but will also shrink them in size.

  • Acnes Are History

Acne is an uninvited guest and we go through a lot of packs, masks scrubs to get rid of that red dot on our face. So charcoal can help us out. A soap which includes charcoal as an ingredient will not only help in gently diminishing acne but also the slightly rough texture will make sure your skin clean and spotless. Chiara has a soap variety which includes Activated Charcoal & Honey which is not only good for oily skin but also suitable for all skin type as it contains honey along with activated charcoal which also moisturizes & hydrates.

  • Best For Skin Irritation, Wounds and Cuts

Activated charcoal helps in treating minor cuts and wounds, for example, if you have been stung by a bee or got a cut by a kitchen knife, just mix some charcoal powder with water and apply a thick paste on the affected area. As I mentioned earlier, activated charcoal has toxin absorption properties this works very well with minor issues like a bee sting.

So all in all this miracle powder can be used for skin benefits but yes as they say excess of anything is bad, so it is highly recommended not to incorporate directly activated charcoal more than it is required in your daily regimen but yes you can take all the advantages of this miraculous ingredient on daily skin care routine by incorporating CHIARA ACTIVATED CHARCOAL & HONEY SOAP.

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