Today I will discuss some skin benefits of manjishta. It is also known as Indian madder. It is a species of flowering plant in the coffee family, Rubiaceae. Manjistha is a perennial climber, native to India, which can be found growing most predominantly in the lower regions of the Himalayas and the Western Ghats in Southern India. Japan, Indonesia and Sri Lanka in moist these are the places where we can also find manjishta, tropical forests up to altitudes of 3500metres. The plant itself is  quite prickly and will often grow over other plants as this is climber. The roots have a characteristically red colouring and the leaves are oval shaped with distinctive veins running along their length. The flowers are small and a white-green colouring. The manjistha fruits are deep purplish black in colou.

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So now you know what is manjishta, now let’s see how this can be beneficial for our skin.

We can use Manjistha both internally and externally. The commonly used part of manjistha is its roots. We can use it whole to make teas or tinctures or it can be used in powdered form. We can use manjishtha externally to soothe the skin. The root powder of manjishtais used in many ayurvedic formulations, like in oils to get even-toned, lively skin with a glowing complexion.

Lets have a deeper look

Works as a great blood purifier
  • Manjishta works as a blood purifier. This is the primary function of manjistha. Purified blood is necessary to have good skin and hair. It cleanses the blood and removes all toxins from it. Symptoms of skin diseases are effectively tackled by this. It also boosts immunity levels. You can make tea by adding water, manjishta powder and honey. Drinking this will ensure healthy skin.
  • You can use manjistha powder topically on the skin to improve your overall complexion. Manjistha has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties thus making it a good choice for common skin problems like acne and eczema. You can use manjistha powder in the form of a natural face pack. Just mix it with any other skin-friendly ingredients like honey and yogurt to make an effective face pack.
Treats wounds
  • We can also apply Manjistha topically to help treat wounds and is also use in a poultice and applied to the body to treat inflammation and pain. In Ayurveda, manjistha has been used to help treat minor wounds and cuts. Scientists found that this was an extremely effective remedy for wounds. It helped the wound to contract, the tissue to regenerate and the wound to close.
Great for dry skin
  • Manjishta works wonders for people having dry skin. It calms and soothes flare-ups caused by dry skin. You can make a pack by using manjishta powder, honey, egg, and almond powder. This pack will soften dry skin and will also reduce flaking. This pack can also be used on dry hands.
Improves your color complexion
  • Manjistha forms a part of many ayurvedic formulations that are extremely beneficial for the skin. It is part of manjisthaditailam and kumkumaditailam, which are applied to get a glowing complexion, and also in kanaktailam, which fights premature aging and wrinkles. In Ayurveda, manjistha is described as having “varṇya” property, that is, it can improve your complexion and make it lustrous. Basically, powdered dry roots and stem of this plant are mixed with honey and applied to erase dark spots and give you an even-toned complexion. Studies show that manjistha might indeed have a skin lightening effect. As we know a pigment known as melanin is responsible for our skin color, the more melanin you have, the darker your skin looks.  Excessive deposits of melanin also lead to tan, freckles, brown spots, and hyperpigmentation disorders like melasma. If an uneven skin tone or blemishes are an issue you are dealing then manjistha can be helpful as it will reduce the melanin levels by inhibiting an enzyme known as tyrosinase which plays an important part in the production of this pigment.

So in a nutshell

  •  This cleanses blood
  •  Has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties
  •  Excellent wound healer
  •  Heals dry skin
  •  Whitens skin

        So give this wonder herb a try and maneuver towards healthy skin.

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