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Jojoba Oil Skin Benefits | 10 BENEFITS OF JOJOBA OIL FOR SKIN

Jojoba oil skin benefits: Today in this article we will discuss some benefits of jojoba oil for skin. Jojoba pronounced as hohoba is a leathery evergreen shrub which grows in Arizona, Southern California and parts of Mexico. These shrubs are drought tolerant and can grow in less than 3 inches of irrigation per year. It […]

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9 Skin Yoga Tips | Benefits of yoga for skin

9 Skin yoga tips: Today in this blog we will discuss some benefits of yoga for our skin. We all are familiar with this word and even our Prime Minister has declared 21st June as World Yoga Day. There are some miraculous effects of yoga, just this requires patience and practice. Before getting into the […]

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VETIVER Skin Benefits | Vetiver(Khus Khus) for skin

Vetiver skin benefits: Vetiver (khus khus) is a perennial grass of the family Poacea. Any plant that persists for several years usually with new herbaceous growth from a part that survives from season to season is called perennial. Vetiver grows in Tropical Asia and has been introduced to the tropics of both hemispheres. The height […]

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Paraben Side effects | Parabens and its side effects

Today in this article we will discuss some side effects of parabens. We have seen a lot of products claiming to be paraben-free. Now buying a product that has no parabens can actually make a lot of difference. Before getting into the side effects of parabens let us know what actually does this word mean. […]

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muskmelon skin Benefits and hair benefits

Muskmelon is a species of melon that has been cultivated into many varieties.  The smooth skin variants include – honeydew, Crenshaw and casaba and the netted variants include- cantaloupe, Persian melon and Christmas melon. This is a sweet musky flavored fruit with high nutritive value. Muskmelon has vitamin C, vitamin A, antioxidants such as gallic […]

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SLS FOR SKIN | Is SLS and SLES safe for skin

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulphate (sales), we all have seen this word on the back of many cosmetic products. These are considered harmful for skin and body mostly SLS and today we shall discuss the cons of using SLS/SLES. We at Chiara Vedic never use SLS/SLES or any type of chemicals & […]

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SPIRULINA SKIN BENEFITS: Today we will investigate some benefits of spirulina for our skin. Basically, this is a widely used health supplement. It has numbers of various nutrients and antioxidants that may benefit our body and brain. What is spirulina Spirulina is an organism that grows in both saltwater and freshwater. It is a type […]

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8 Skin Benefits Of Sweet Potato/Sweet Potato For Skin

We all have eaten tangy boiled sweet potatoes from street vendors. Basically, sweet potato ( shakkarkandi )  is a nutritional power-packed vegetable. In one medium spud, there is over 400 percent of your daily vitamin A requirement. Sweet potatoes also contain high amounts of fiber and potassium. They have more grams of natural sugars than regular […]

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Strawberry For Skin | 9 Strawberry Skin Benefits

We have so many yummy thoughts when we think about strawberries. Strawberry jam, strawberry ice-cream, strawberry syrup for pancakes, strawberry shake. Eating a strawberry on its own is also a good option. Not only this is a tasty fruit but also this is loaded with vitamin C. Interestingly strawberries are related to the rose family. As such, […]

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Jamun or black plum is not a new word for us. We all eat Jamun as a snack to subside our hunger pangs. Let us discuss a little about Jamun, a slow-growing species, it can reach up to 30 m in height and can live more than 100 years. Its dense leaves provide shade and […]

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