Organic Winter skincare tips/What is Organic Skincare

Organic Winter skincare tips

Today we will investigate some organic winter skincare tips. Our skin requires a lot of attention during winters as extreme winters can lead to dry and scaly skin.

What is an organic skincare

Organic skincare is generally defined as a skincare product that contains organically grown ingredients that are free from pesticides.  Organic products are supposed to be more beneficial for the skin as it is quite evident that there are little to no harsh chemical ingredients. As the skincare products are grown without herbicides and pesticides the ingredients are also free from contamination.

Difference between Natural and Organic skin care products.

Naturally, derived products are cultivated from nature but they don’t specify whether they have been sprayed with agricultural Chemicals or not, while organic ingredients are mostly of natural origin which is not contaminated by pesticides.

Now let us check some Organic Skin Care tips for winters: –

  • Cleansing

Any basic skincare routine starts with cleansing. During winters the cold and freezing wind can make your skin dry and hypersensitive. Using any wrong cleanser can aggravate the skin’s current condition and make it worse. Choose a gentle cleanser that has zero surfactants and no alcohol. Surfactant and alcohol-laden cleansers have high alkaline pH levels which can make skin dry and dull.

You can try our Strawberry face wash or our chocolate & vanilla soap

  • Exfoliation

Exfoliation allows new cells to regenerate and makes way for better penetration of moisturizers. People with sensitive skin should exfoliate once a month during winters. For gentle exfoliation, you can try Chiara Vedic Anti-Tan Face Scrub.

  • Avoid chemical-based soaps

Not only your skin is the largest organ but it also is highly permeable, that means whatever you put on your skin directly goes into your blood and reaches your bloodstream. Plus, antibacterial soap and skincare products containing alcohol and fragrance strip your skin’s natural oils. It is advised to choose an organic soap made with essential oils. You can try our Mango & Cocoa Butter Rosemary essential Exotic Soap.


Use any oil-based moisturizer during winter months as this will help in sealing water in your skin thus keeping it more moisturized than a water-based body lotion. Check the list of ingredients on the moisturizer. You can try CHIARA VEDIC’s body lotion & moisturizer range which are made with pure organic oils, butter, & essential oils.

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Eat vegetables

Celery and cucumbers naturally contain a lot of water so these are perfect snacks when you are trying to keep yourself hydrated. Orange and yellow veggies like carrot red peppers and pumpkins are great for your skin due to the antioxidant beta carotene. It will be highly beneficial if these vegetables are organically grown without the use of pesticides.

Use coconut oil

Organic virgin coconut oil is very highly effective for skincare. Coconut oil fights free radical damage possibly due to the high level of p-coumaric and ferulic acid. The amazing antioxidant properties keep your skin young and youthful.

DIY hydration masks

A homemade hydrating mask can provide much-needed moisture in the freezing winter months. Use natural moisturizing organic ingredients like Honey, avocado olive, jojoba oils, almond oil, and aloe vera. Mix any of these ingredients to create a cream or paste and leave it on the skin for 10 to 30 minutes for long-lasting hydration

So, these are some organic winter care tips. The bottom line is just incorporate organic ingredients in your daily lifestyle and you will notice a huge difference.

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