Periods skincare tips | Skincare during periods

Periods skincare tips | Skincare during periods

Periods are no longer a hush-hush word. Everyone is aware of periods and all the issues we have to face during these  5 days. We go through cramps, backache, bloating, nausea and not to forget mood swings.  But one thing which goes a little unnoticed is skin. If you have observed before the onset of periods or during this our skin misbehaves a lot, either it changes in texture or suddenly you a get a bunch of pimples staring at you. This happens because of hormonal fluctuations, the day before ovulation that is roughly 14th day a woman’s skin is in balance and less oily due to the high amounts of estrogen. Estrogen helps to suppress sebum production in the skin. Once the level of estrogen drops (usually one week before your period), progesterone levels increase and the oil glands become more active thus making skin oily and active for pimples so good periods skincare routine is very important.

So let’s see how we manage our skin during these days.

Clean it up

As our skin gets oily, to avoid this problem wash your face with a mild face wash or soap whenever it feels sticky.  Now I am saying a mild face wash as if you are washing your face more than required then you have to use a subtle product else it will rip off your natural oils. Try the Neem and Tulsi soap of our brand Chiara as this will not only give soft nourished skin but also the natural fragrance of tulsi will help you ease your mood swings and it is also beneficial for your acne and pimples. Washing with lukewarm water will give more beneficial results.

Facial on skin

For crystal clear skin during periods, schedule your facial 10-12 days before your period begins. Prior to that, your skin is at its glamorous best and after that most vulnerable. As the pores are relatively larger, cleansing is easier and the damage to the skin is least. Herbal facials will be best in this case.

Say no to makeup

Try to minimize the use of makeup and allow your skin to breathe. Applying milk cream turmeric, fruit peels and homemade masks will rejuvenate skin naturally. Yogurt, egg, papaya,  are just some natural ingredients that will make up for the missing glow. If you have to wear makeup, cleanse it properly before going to bed. Keep sunscreen with you if you are planning to spend time outdoors as skin is more sensitive to the sun at this time.

Hydrate your skin

Amidst all the commotion, do not forget to drink plenty of water, juices, etc. Keeping yourself hydrated will solve most of the problems. Water helps in flushing out the toxins and also keeps your skin healthy and supple.

Healthy skin diet

For good periods skincare, outer care is not sufficient. You need to take care of your skin from inside. Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and antioxidants are simply amazing for your skin, especially during periods. They help in reducing inflammation, keeps skin supple and moisturized, boost circulation. Supplement your diet with flax seeds, fish, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds (sunflower). All berries and plums are rich in antioxidants.


Exercising really helps in reducing period cramps and also it helps in giving your skin a glow. Exercise is not just meant for weight issues. Light exercises during periods can make a lot of difference. But make sure you wash your face after all that sweat.

So these are some easy routines if followed can significantly help in reducing that dullness and oiliness from your skin. I tried to make an easy and effective periods skincare routine hope you like it Happy period.

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