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Neem & Tulsi soap from CHIARA is a great option for oily & acne-prone skin. This soap is a blend of 2 active ingredients neem & tulsi which are greatly popular in Ayurveda since ancient time. It purifies & deep cleanses your skin. It’s antiseptic & antibacterial properties make this soap perfect for irritated problematic skin. It intact moisture in your skin & keeps your skin hydrated. Our soaps are entirely handcrafted and herbal. They are free from parabens, harmful chemicals & SLS. We make soaps with organic cold-pressed oils, natural is ingredients



Neem moisturize the skin keeping it soft and supple as it is high in vitamin E. It is very effective in fading your scars & pigmentations, It has antiseptic, antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties which soothes you from any type of skin irritation.


It lightens & brightens your skin tone. It is also very effective for acne & pimples as it has antiseptic & antibacterial properties. Tulsi leaves hydrates your skin & keeps it healthy-looking. It also tightens your pores & gives you relief from the flaky & dry skin.

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Weight 110-112 g

3 reviews for Neem & Tulsi Soap

  1. saumyta

    it was just awsome one with nice fragrance….imp thing i notice about this soap is if you have any pimple ar dana or funsi like just apply gently on face and with in 2-3 days it will clear….

  2. ashujha3010

    Totally in love with this product. I am using this soap and believe me it does what it say. Gentle on skin, mild smell, washes off easily, reduces pimples and scars. ❤❤.

  3. jeevani0820 (verified owner)

    This is my favorite soap by far. I’ve ordered it again and again, for about more than 7-8 times. That’s how much I love this product. It’s fragrance is absolutely beautiful and it stays long. For a person with dry skin, I can tell from the personal usage that this soap has made me lose my habit of using a moisturizer. I will continue purchasing this soap. Absolutely love this one!

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