New Chiara Vedic- Strawberry & Hibiscus No Foam Nourishing Gel Face Wash,For All Skin Type-200ml

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Always have a patch test before using any product, because your skin may tend to have an allergy to any ingredients.

Our Strawberry & Hibiscus No Foam Nourishing Gel Face Wash, For All Skin Type is a unique lightweight gel no foaming formula that is great for all skin types. It is a blend of two amazing ingredients strawberry & Hibiscus which

Key ingredients:

Strawberry & Hibiscus extract & vegetable glycerine, Strawberry fragrance oil


  • -Strawberry is a rich source of vitamin C which makes your skin healthy & younger-looking.
  • -Reduces acne & pimples
  • -Deeply cleanses your skin pores
  • -Nourishes & moisturizes your skin
  • -Very mild on skin
  • -Gently removes impurities from dirt from your skin
  • -It’s no foaming effect will prevent stripping off skin’s essential moisture
  • -Hibiscus prevents the signs of aging
  • -Keeps your skin soft & supple



we are constantly experimenting with our products to make them better and better. We might change, replace, or add any ingredient for the betterment of our product in the future. This change will not affect the efficiency of our products.


Strawberry contains a high amount of vitamin C due to which it works as a great anti-aging. It lightens your skin tone and makes your skin soft & supple. Salicylic acid in it removes blackheads & dead skin cells from your skin & exfoliates your skin.

2 reviews for New Chiara Vedic- Strawberry & Hibiscus No Foam Nourishing Gel Face Wash,For All Skin Type-200ml

  1. Rashmi chauhan

    yesterday i received this face wash & i used it twice till now, my skin feels so clear & bright. it does not creates lather a lot but deeply cleanses & moisturizes the skin though i feel if anyone has excessive dry skin it may feel little dry on the skin but oily & normal skin person can definitely go for it i have a normal skin type & i quite liked this product.

  2. Mercy Ajith

    Awesome face wash I ever used, my skin bcme so soft & radiant.I would like to buy it again. Thank you sooooooo much 😘

  3. admin

    thank you so much for this appreciation dear 🙂

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