Tulsi for skin-it’s Amazing benefits FOR CLEAR SKIN

Tulsi for skin-it’s Amazing benefits FOR CLEAR SKIN
Tulsi For Skin

Today I  will share some skin benefits of the plant Tulsi, but before getting into that let us know a little more about this miraculous plant.

Ocimumtenuiflorum (synonym Ocimum sanctum), commonly known as holy basil, Tulsi (sometimes spelled tulsi) or Tulsi, is an aromatic perennial plant in the family Lamiaceae. It is native to the Indian Subcontinent and widespread as a cultivated plant throughout the South Asian Tropics.

In Indian, one of the major reasons for the cultivation of this magical plant is It’s religious & traditional Belief, keeping a tulsi plant at home is a common practice in Indian houses. apart from this, the important use of this plant is to make medicines & essential oils with tulsi since ancient times. This tulsi plant has a fresh and crisp aroma that literally refreshes the mood.

Now how to use Tulsi on skin

  • Tulsi can even out skin tone. Homemade face pack made from tulsi can give an instant glow, as it cleans out pores, tightens skin and repairs epidermal damage. Mix grounded tulsi leaves with raw milk to make a thick paste. The lactic acid in milk adds to the skin lightening effect. Apply this paste on face and leave it on for 20 minutes before scrubbing it off. Regular use for a month will definitely start showing a distinctive result.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, tulsi comes with a lot of benefits. It can clear our scars, treat acne, cure rashes and soothe irritated skin with its antifungal and antibacterial properties. For clear smooth skin, mix tulsi and neem in equal proportions. Grind them into a coarse paste and add 1 tsp, honey. Leave it on to dry completely, and wash it off with cold water to reveal smooth, glowing skin beneath.
  • Tulsi works great on the skin, whether you eat it raw or apply a paste on the face. When eaten raw, it purifies the blood from toxins and prevents the appearance of acne and pimples. Munching on these leaves will also promote fresh breath. You can also make a toner by boiling Tulsi leaves in water. Let it cool for 15 minutes and then apply on the acne affected areas. This remedy will not only help in eliminating pimples but will also give an instant glow to the skin and will smoothen the skin completely.
  • Tulsi is excellent for people with eczema, acne and pimples also many cosmetic companies use Tulsi as an ingredient in skin ointments due to its anti-bacterial properties. People suffering from scabies and eczema should drink Tulsi juice to help cure it. Results might not show overnight but regular usage will definitely show positive results.
  • The antioxidants present in Tulsi makes you look younger and fresher. Tulsi is very healthy for the skin. It works well as a skin moisturizer also.
  •  As summers are here in full swing rubbing tulsi leaves on areas that itch due to prickly heat gives quick relief. Itching can also be soothed by applying a mixture of Tulsi and lemon juice.

So to sum it up I think I will surely suggest you start a healthy relationship with this wonder plant and make your skin glow like a goddess.

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